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SUN-TECH.energia experience and passion in the renewable energies sector

SUN-TECH.energia, boasts many years of significant experience in the renewable energy sector, which combined with the passion for this sector, has made it possible to bring together with its own brand European and non-European producers engaged precisely in the renewable energy sector.

These manufacturers boast a specific and multi-year preparation each in its own sector, these characteristics allow the creation of products with undisputed technical and quality contents.

SUN-TECH.energia heating from renewable sources

SUN-TECH.energia, is able to satisfy all requests deriving from the market dedicated to heating from renewable sources both in the domestic and professional sector.


SUN-TECH.energia, organizes and deals with distribution with an exclusive mandate for the ITALY market and is particularly attentive to the creation of partners to whom to entrust the area of competence to deal with its promotion and sale.

The following are the product families represented by SUN-TECH.energia:

  • stoves, heating stoves, cookers, thermal cookers and biomass boilers

    for domestic, professional and industrial use

  • biomass cooker with induction operation

    for use in mid-season and in summer.

  • induction boilers

    for domestic, professional and industrial use.

  • blown pellet burners

    for domestic, professional and industrial use.

  • solar thermal

    for domestic, professional, industrial use.

  • photovoltaic

    for domestic, professional and industrial use.

  • heat pumps

    for domestic, professional and industrial use.

  • geothermal heat pump.

SUN-TECH.energia also offers more.

SUN-TECH.energia, deals with after-sales service throughout the country, is also able to produce technical material, such as brochures, data sheets, exploded views, training and information courses.

SUN-TECH.energia, avails itself of the collaboration of specialized studies in the design of systems and consultancy on renewable energy and access to incentives; ensure correct interpretation and management of energy efficiency issues for individuals and companies across the country.

Thanks to this collaboration, the prices applied are low and therefore of sure interest.

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